We can help with a variety of financial needs, below are a few examples:

As an independent firm, we search the marketplace to find those products and services to best meet our clients' needs. - Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds -Fixed, Managed Accounts and Variable Annuities.

It's never too soon to start saving for tomorrow.  We offer products and services in each of the following areas: 1. 401K 2. 403B 3. IRA 4. SEP 5. SIMPLE

Tax planning means thinking ahead, about the future, not the past. Our role is to develop some creative ideas to save money in taxes – income tax, estate tax and capital gains tax. Saving tax dollars can be a more powerful tool than achieving an equivalent rate of return. It's not how much you make – it's how much you keep.

Life & Health insurance are an integral part of your overall financial plan. Our role is to help you make more efficient use of premium dollars, coordinating with employment benefits for optimal tax advantag.

How do you want to be remembered? Minimizing estate taxes should not be the only goal. Structuring an estate plan to retain assets for those intended to inherit them, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate form can be meaningful for generations to follow. Use of creative planning strategies can help achieve these goals.

The coordination of business planning & personal planning is essential to the achievement of attaining your goals. Areas of concern: -How to Attract and Retain Key Personnel -Executive Benefits & Employee Benefits -Succession & Continuity Planning -Tax Planning & Management Consulting -Technology & Marketing.

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